WordPress Woo Table Rate Shipping Plugin

Our most recent project was for a client based in in the UK www.catface.me and turned out to be a successful project.

We set up  an advanced shipping method using the Woo table rate shipping plugin. It was a very challenging project which required setting up shipping rates for various quantities of products. For example 1-5 boxes 6-10 , 11-15, 16-20, 20+ at various prices to different countries around the world. We found that the Woo Table Rate Shipping plugin was pretty complex to set up which required a great amount of time. Once we figured things out we found it to be a very powerful shipping cart system that has some great features. If you are looking for an advanced cart systems you really can’t go wrong with the Woo Table Rate Shipping plugin for wordpress.  If you are looking for help setting up the Woo Table Rate Shipping contact us today!


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