Search Engine Optimization-SEO For Dummies

Search-Engine-optimization-SEO-for-Dummies-wordpress-web-sitesOne of the largest mistakes I have found with new clients is improper SEO technique. You can spend countless amounts of money for the most awesome website and have superior content. You find out  many months later  that you are not indexed in google or other search engines. This kind of debacle happens much more often than you think.

There are a number of steps you must take to have your website indexed in google. Today social media is crucial for ranking but it also just  one of the factors to a big puzzle that is difficult to figure out. Link building is another important factor for solid SEO placement.

The first key is good content that people want to share and the more it is shared the better for you. If your content is so hot that other websites want to feature it or link to you even better! So you write sweet content and you sit waiting for months and nothing happens.  It is time to find the root of the issue and correct! Remember it is never too late to turn your site around and it takes a sharp eye and very hard work.

smart-seo-search-engine-optimization-for-dummies-wordpressSo here is #1   A client hired me to perform SEO on 4 websites that he had been running for several years. He was very unhappy about his traffic and had paid a ton of money to have them built. He was trying to sell ads and custom profiles pages for $1,200 a year. Well every time he had a potential client on the phone he would give them the big written out sales pitch. Every pitch he threw got him nowhere fast! The first thing they would ask, “what is your Google Rankings”? Well uhmm page four for  deer hunting! They would often hang up on him and would never answer a reply.

Well when I started performing SEO on his sites I quickly discovered he had no meta data on his pages. He had no keywords, no description, no meta title on  his whole website of 100’s of pages. He was doomed for failure and over 3 months I took him from being buried in Google to the top of page one! But of course it took much more than the meta text!

What you can do to get things moving up in the right direction!

#1  Complete your meta data on each page or post, make sure your title is h1 tagged

#2  Be sure to keyword the name of your images and fill out meta before you upload. Images that are too large are also a bad idea, so try to keep your images at a respectable size.  For example: if your image is 2,600 x 2,000 instead try 700×550!(this loads much faster and will lower the space used on your server)

#3  Link to your social media sites and also a social media share buttons also, so people can share your url! You would be surprised at the sites that have no kind of social media share option. Add your url to all your social media sites!

#4  Once you get indexed submit your site to directories(blog directories rock also)

#5  Write a killer article that is in your niche put your url in the footer as a keyword, spin well, spin well, spin well, submit to article directories. There is also a hefty market of blog who want fresh content!

#6  Fresh content often! Keep your blog busy with new post and share! Be sure to that your content has good keyword density!

#7  Make sure your site is 100% mobile responsive! Google has a new rule that can greatly effect how your site ranks in the google index.

#8 Make sure your website load time is optimized!  The faster your load time the better you will rank. Your server can have a great affect on how well your website loads.  We recommend Siteground,  we are very pleased with load time and customer support!

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