How To Effectively Brand Your Business

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Branding your business or image is the most successful move you can make for long term success. If you don’t already have a successful brand then re-branding can only improve the success and connect you to a whole new market.

Creating a logo and a catchy phrase should be one of the first moves to brand you or your product.
A user friendly and functional mobile responsive website is required for your goal. Alot of bussiness’s have outdated websites that are not mobile responsive. Google now will lower your ranking and put you in the sandbox and you will also be losing over 60% of your target audience and that number is climbing everyday.

Your website should be comfortable and appealing and should represent your brand. Every website should have a logo, contact form, e-mail subscription list, as well as social media intergration. Without a strong social media campaign your chances of survival are greatly limited in today’s competitive market.

Why is social media so important?


Having a strong social media campaign sells user confidence as well as connects you to your audience. Without both your brand is in trouble, and there are very few exceptions. People want their favorite brands to be connected and share updates. It really is hard to sell a product if your last twitter or facebook update was a year ago. It makes the buyer think nothing is going on and that your service or product is stale.

It can be argued which social media sites are the most powerful for your brand.  Each social media site has a purpose and certain target audience. Twitter is great for quick updates and those who surf twitter like fast information. Twitter is also a game changing tool for sharing updates to many places.  Every website should have a twitter feed so people can see what you are sharing.

Facebook is also great for sharing and connecting to your target audience.  Pinterest is  a great site for sharing images and it is on fire! If you are serious about gaining traffic to your brand you really have to have Pinterest.

Google+ is great in a different way

1. Have goals and know your target audience.
2. Have clear vision of your goals and know your target audience.
3. Build a mobile responsive website with your brand Logo
4. Incorporate social media(Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn,Instagram,Google+)
5. Stay active on your social media sites and connect with your clients and followers.
6. Stay up-to-date and active about social media


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